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Do the Wizards work with Open Office, Google Docs, Office Starter or other free versions?

No. A full version desktop/laptop of Microsoft Word Only. You must have a Windows full version of Word 2003,2007,2010, or 2013. For Macs, you must have Word 2011. These can be desktop(laptop) versions you have purchased or rented (Office 365). Tablet based version (RT) do NOT work. Surface Pro may have the correct version.

What Version of Word do I need?

Wizards, on Windows, requires a full version of Microsoft Office Word 2003 through 2016, 32 or 64 bit that run on Windows. On Word 2010-2016, Agent Wizard is only available on 32 bit installations. Version of Office that are essentially free, e.g., Web versions of Office, Google Docs, Open Office, Office Starter, and other demo programs are not full versions and do not work with Wizards. Versions for tablets, i.e., Office RT do NOT work. To see if you have a suitable version, hold the Windows key down and press “R”. Enter Winword.exe in the box, press OK. If Word starts, you’re good to go; however, if Word doesn’t start and you get an error message, you don’t have a suitable version of Word installed.

Wizards, on Mac, requires a full version of Microsoft Office Word 2011. It is NOT compatible with other versions. If you have Office 365, you must download the 2011 version, not the 2016 version.

Check  with Microsoft to ensure your version of Word is compatible with your version of Windows or OSX. Some versions are no longer supported, so you risk being left in cold if you have a problem.

Do you have a Mac version?

Yes. You must have a Mac running OSX 10.6 or higher and Microsoft Office Word 2011. Office 2016 for Mac is currently incomplete and not compatible.

If I have a novel or other manuscript partially complete, can I use Wizards?

Yes. Using the Repair Wizard, you can reformat your manuscript. The other tools in the Wizards will then be available.

What version of Windows do I need?

You must have a 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows  Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1., or Windows 10. While earlier versions of Windows may sometimes work, Microsoft no longer supports them.

What if my credit card is declined?

We use Braintree & PayPal to process orders. You can use a direct credit card charge or charge through PayPal. If you charge directly to your credit card, you should contact the card issuer. If you charge to your PayPal account, contact PayPal.

How many installs are allowed?

You may install on two computers. A third allocations is available for a fee.  You may reinstall unlimited times on the same computer. You may reinstall on a repaired computer, e.g., new hard drive. You may download (copy from Internet to your computer the installation file) unlimited times during the first thirty days as long as you only install on two devices.  If you have an extended version you may download unlimited times for the product life as long as you only install on two devices.